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Jay Ashworth jra at
Thu Sep 13 14:29:05 UTC 2012

My best friend just got back from Chicon 7 last week, this year's World
Science Fiction Convention.  He tells me that the networking at the con hotel,
the Chicago Hyatt, was miserable, whether wired or wireless... and that Sprint
4G wasn't much better.

I'm talking to the people who will probably be, in 2015, running the first 
Worldcon I can practically drive to, in Orlando, at -- I think -- the Disney
World Resort.  I've told them how critical the issue is for this market; they,
predictably, replied "We look forward to your patch".  :-}

I know without a doubt that this is a problem NANOG PCs deal with 3 times a
year; is there any collected wisdom on the web already about how this has
been dealt with, that I can pore over?  Pointers to good archive threads?

If not, do any of the people who've already done have 5 minutes to chime in 
on what they did and what they learned?

-- jra
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