Layer2 over Layer3

mohamed Osama Saad Abo sree mohamed.abosree at
Wed Sep 12 22:33:59 UTC 2012

hello philip,
for ethernet over mpls you can use gre tunnel and run mpls over that
tunnel or you can go directly for l2tpv3 which give you the ability to
run l2vpn over l3 ip routing with no need for mpls.

Mohamed Abosree

On 9/13/12, Philip Lavine <source_route at> wrote:
> To all,
> I am trying to extend a layer2 connection over Layer 3 so I can have
> redundant Layer connectivity between my HQ and colo site. The reason I need
> this is so I can give the "appeareance" that there is one gateway and that
> both data centers can share the same Layer3 subnet (which I am announcing
> via BGP to 2 different vendors).
> I have 2 ASR's. Will EoMPLS work or is there another option?
> Philip

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