Heads-Up: GoDaddy Broke the Interwebs...

Damian Menscher damian at google.com
Tue Sep 11 19:47:50 UTC 2012

What time did the anon first say there would be GoDaddy problems?  Earliest
timestamp I can find is 10:45am (pacific) and the problems had started much
earlier, around 10:15.  Curious if you found evidence of any anons claiming
an attack or responsibility for the attack within, say, 5 minutes of it

Also, the time it stopped wasn't exactly tied to anything the anon said,
other than his vague statements like "it can last one hour or one month"
and "soon u guys can acess".  And he said that latter statement at 1:59pm
while the outage ended at 3:45pm.

Summary: 30 minutes late on the start time, and off by well over an hour on
the stop time.


On Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 12:25 PM, Blake Pfankuch <blake at pfankuch.me> wrote:

> As someone else nicely pointed out "network problems starting when the
> anon post said they would, and ending when they said they would stop....
> ironic?"
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> > http://www.godaddy.com/newscenter/release-view.aspx?news_item_id=410
> "many of our customers experienced intermittent service outages"
> Must be that new definition of the word "intermittent." The one roughly
> synonymous with "total."
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