SAVVIS IPv6 Status

Christopher J. Pilkington cjp at
Tue Sep 11 15:54:02 UTC 2012

We're in SAVVIS DC3 and wondering what the status of IPv6 is there.
We submitted a request for IPv6, and we were told SAVVIS does not
assign address space.  Later emails we were told they will route IPv6
however.  I haven't yet contacted sales... I think we lost our rep in
the CenturyLink merger.

I did see some blurbs from last year saying they weren't ready at that
time. Was hoping this changed.

We're not multihomed there, (except indirectly via through SAVVIS' own
upstreams), so I don't think I can justify an ARIN assignment for that

Replies on or off list welcome. Thanks much!


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