CLEC's in Ottawa area?

Peter Kristolaitis alter3d at
Thu Sep 6 18:39:17 UTC 2012

I recommend TekSavvy ( as a DSL reseller pretty much 
anywhere in Ontario (and any other provinces they can get service in).  
Not sure why they're not on that CLEC list, but they're a pretty big 
(and awesome) provider up here.  For bonus points, if you have to call 
their support line, you get someone who actually knows something about 
networking.   We have some DSL lines through them at work, and my 
personal home cable connection is through them as well.

- Pete

On 12-09-06 02:33 PM, chris wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a client in the ottawa ontario canada area who is looking at DSL for
> a secondary connection. I am pretty unfamiliar with the state of telecom
> industry in Canada, I googled around and found this rather lengthy list of
> CLEC's.
> Does anyone have any good experiences with any of these carriers that
> service the Ottawa they could share?
> Also would be an added plus if they supported MLPPP as the client mentioned
> they were concerned with the lower speeds of DSL, so we would love to do
> two circuits with MLPPP if possible
> thanks!
> chris

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