The End-To-End Internet (was Re: Blocking MX query)

Oliver olipro at
Thu Sep 6 11:37:40 UTC 2012

On Thursday 06 September 2012 14:01:50 Masataka Ohta wrote:
> All that necessary is local changes on end systems of those who
> want the end to end transparency.
> There is no changes on the Internet.

You're basically redefining the term "end-to-end transparency" to suit your own 
agenda. Globally implementing what is basically an application layer protocol 
in order to facilitate the functioning of an upper layer protocol (i.e. IPv4) 
is patent nonsense. The purpose of each layer is to facilitate the one it 
encapsulates, not the other way around.

What you advocate is not end-to-end transparency but point-to-point opacity 
hinging on a morass of hacks that constitute little more than an abuse of 
existing technologies in an attempt to fulfil an unscalable goal.

Fortunately, it is exactly that fact which makes all of your drafts and 
belligerent evangelising utterly pointless; you can continue to make noise and 
attempt to argue by redefinition all you like, the world will continue to forge 
ahead with the deployment of IPv6 and the *actual* meaning of the end-to-end 
principle will remain as it is.


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