Color vision for network techs

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For pulling cable, the colors are fixed inside the jacket. I have found
differences in cable manufacturers and prefer Mohawk brand cable because
the colors are easier for me to see. White is white instead of clear.
Blue, green, orange and brown are noticeably different. So, my take is
stick to manufacturers that do a good job. If my tired old eyes can tell
the difference, the employees that work with me probably won't have a


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The Military has colour screening for obvious reasons but I am  not sure
if it's needed for Networking.

My take is that I designed all to have a wide variance.  IE: Red, Blue,
Yellow and Black which helped lower issues.  Not solve them but if you
limit the use of Red to certain areas (ie: Yellow / Red on one patch
panel) then it helps.

Yes, I did have a team lead who was colour blind and that did help to
lead me down that path.  When he was on our internet facing patch panel
which was Red/Yellow if he saw black he knew it was Red.

Larry A. LaBas(CD)

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> When doing Cat5 connectors, a friend couldn't tell the orange versus 
> brown (or was it green.) He found that with a red LED flashlight he 
> could then tell.
> There are ways to work around things.

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