Bird vs Quagga revisited

Edward Dore edward.dore at
Sun Sep 2 10:44:24 UTC 2012

The Linux Kernel itself may be GPL (which I wasn't debating), however I see no reason why MikroTik's MPLS stack couldn't work in a similar way to the closed source NVidia driers where my understanding is that a GPL stub loads a binary blob.

Have you asked MikroTik for a copy of the source?

Edward Dore 
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On 1 Sep 2012, at 09:12, Bjørn Mork wrote:

> Edward Dore <edward.dore at> writes:
>> They used to publish the source for their 2.4 kernel on
>> (in fact, it's still available at
>>, but I've not seen
>> anything for the 2.6 kernel however and the site was
>> redesigned a little while ago, seemingly without the links as far as I
>> can tell.
>> It might be a case of you need to ask them for it. Would be
>> interesting to see which bits are GPL.
> There is no doubt that *all* bits of the Linux kernel are GPL.  Whether
> vendors respect this is another question.  But Mikrotik most certainly
> cannot distribute the Linux kernel, modified or not, without also
> providing the full source code.
> Bjørn

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