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I understand and believe in the value of erasure coding, though I want to see the latency effects here.  But that model was very detailed view into an overly simple (to the point of operationally unrealistic) model.  Bad example, for a research paper.

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> George Herbert wrote:
>> Modeled with just simple FTP sessions?
>> Ugh: they admitted to having MIT backbone packet traces to analyze, and then used that simple of a simulator...
> The practical benefits of the technology, known as coded TCP, were seen on a recent test run on a New York-to-Boston Acela train, notorious for poor connectivity. By increasing their available bandwidth-the amount of data that can be relayed in a given period of time-Medard and students were able to watch blip-free YouTube videos while some other passengers struggled to get online. "They were asking us 'How did you do that?' and we said 'We're engineers!' " she jokes.
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