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Sun Oct 21 10:37:30 UTC 2012

On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 09:45:09PM -0500, Jimmy Hess wrote:
> On 10/16/12, Randy Bush <randy at> wrote:
> >> First off, I'm using djbdns internally and it doesn't support AAAA
> >> records. So we really aren't using it internally.
> > if the clutch in my car is broken, should i stop using vehicles?
> > dump djbdns or get some diehard to tell you how to fix it.
> Ah, but the clutch is not actually broken;  it works perfectly,  and
> it is a very robust clutch, not likely to break,  it's just that the
> car was designed,  so you need a wrench with you while at all times
> while driving, to actuate the clutch,  and you need a screwdriver
> onhand as well to adjust gears.    They have a raw record format,
> that allows you to enter a raw record into your tinydns data file,
> containing anything, including AAAA data.
> However, djbdns also lacks support for DNSSEC validation.  the stock
> package 1.05,  when installed on a 64-bit OS, contained an unpatched
> security vulnerability.

If Joseph really likes to use the TinyDNS database so much there is an experimental
PowerDNS backend of supposedly there is even an even more DNSSEC-patch somewhere.

I can't find the patch right now, but it was mentioned in a presentation by the
head developer at ICANN44:

Here it the audio recording: (135 MB)

His presentation starts at: 3:32:18

He mentions it at: 3:46:53

And the PDF of his presentation is here:

I don't expect anyone is using patch in production right now.

> The car was also designed with no electric ignition switch, and no
> headlights.   You want to start your car, you need a manual crank.
> It's "good enough";  but  probably the time comes soon to retire it.
> Electronic ignitions and headlights became the 'standard' a long time
> ago,  but the car design was never improved to include the features
> (not necessarily an easy feat) --    meanwhile,    the person in
> charge of maintaining the design;   spent  many hours writing  essays
> about   the problem of light pollution caused by headlights,
> insisting that road lights instead would be better,    and  calling up
> issues about  the extra  weight and space required for batteries,
> danger of  batteries leaking,  or failing,  leaving motorists
> stranded,   etc,
> thus spending time  not updating the design to incorporate beneficial,
> new standards.
> > randy
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> -JH

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