Detection of Rogue Access Points

Matthias Waehlisch waehlisch at
Sun Oct 14 21:56:49 UTC 2012

On Sun, 14 Oct 2012, Lyndon Nerenberg wrote:

> There was a SIGCOMM paper a few years back that described a scheme 
> based on measuring the the ACK delays of TCP sessions. In a nutshell, 
> you can detect nodes on the wireless network by looking for the extra 
> delay added by the radio link.  It had very good accuracy, and caught 
> new nodes quickly.  It didn't require any prior knowledge of the 
> network.
> I don't have a copy of the paper at hand, and I don't remember the 
> title/author or the publication date (2007ish?), but maybe this will 
> ring a bell for someone else on the list who does.
  do you mean 


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