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Barry Shein bzs at
Sat Oct 6 16:25:09 UTC 2012

This has been going on for days.

We couldn't get thru to but most everything else
works. Once in a while it works.

Connection is through Traceroute usually seems to go
through, sometimes dies somewhere out there past their network
(72.14...? maybe abovenet?), no consistent result.

Tried, it says it's up.

Called towerstream support, they couldn't get thru either.


The support guy had a tablet on Verizon 4G, he couldn't get thru to using that either.

He also said he couldn't get thru to google street maps, but google
mail was ok (I can reload no problem.)

My iphone via AT&T has no problem, loads immediately.

Anyone else seeing this?

I'm in Boston, Towerstream support is in Providence, RI.

I'm thinking some sort of localized problem but trouble thru
towerstream and verizon?

It was passed to the engineer on duty at towerstream who will look
into it and speak to google if necessary, not clear it's their problem
though, not if Verizon is actually also having the same problem.

        -Barry Shein

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