IPv4 address length technical design

Tony Patti tony at swalter.com
Wed Oct 3 19:44:16 UTC 2012

Perhaps worth noting (for the archives) that a significant part of the early
ARPAnet was DECsystem-10's with 36-bit words.



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It's worthwhile noting that the state of system (mini and
microcomputer) art at the time of the 1977 discussions was, for example, the
Intel 8085 (8-bit registers; the 16-bit 8086 was 1978) and 16-bit PDP-11s.
The 32-bit VAX 11/780 postdated these (announced October 77).

Yes, you can do 32 or 64 bit network addressing with smaller registers, but
there are tendencies to not think that way.

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