RFC becomes Visio

Dan White dwhite at olp.net
Tue Oct 2 22:00:12 UTC 2012

On 10/02/12 23:43 +0200, Michael Hallgren wrote:
>Le mardi 02 octobre 2012 à 23:25 +0200, Dan Luedtke a écrit :
>> On Fri, 2012-09-28 at 19:31 +0100, Nick Hilliard wrote:
>> > Here's a visio diagram you can send them:
>> >
>> > http://www.foobar.org/~nick/bgp-network-diagram.vsd
>> Is there a .png version of it somewhere?
>> The whole thread made my day, I'm eager to see this diagram as well.
>> I don't have this MS Visio thingy you all use to set up your Avian
>> Carrier BGP sessions...
>Don't use ``MS Visio thingy'', prefer TeX with metapost, PGF/TikZ (or
>PSTRicks). The output is by far more beautiful, and maintaining the
>document much more slim.

I'd love to use something like metapost, but have yet to find any network
diagram oriented libraries. Do you have any examples that you could

Dan White

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