Dns sometimes fails using Google DNS / automatic dnssec

MailPlus| David Hofstee david at mailplus.nl
Thu Nov 15 14:12:23 UTC 2012


We've been seeing automatic RRSIG records on Google DNS lately, the en They are not always provided. They cause problems for some of our customers in a weird way I cannot explain. For them these records do not resolve but I cannot reproduce it.

So when I run dig command

dig @ m1.mailplus.nl

it often provides the RRSIG record (but e.g. the TXT record will not be signed). I've heard that DNS may fall back to TCP and/or may be filtered by firewalls if UDP is over 512 bytes. However, the request is not that long, about 200 bytes if I interpret the answer correctly.

Can someone come up with a good explanation why a tiny percentage of our customers cannot resolve (some of) our domains?

Btw, our nameservers (transip.nl) only provide DNSSEC records if explicitly asked. What is standard here?


David Hofstee

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