Need (to acquire or sell) IPv4? Come to SpaceMarket.

Owen DeLong owen at
Wed May 30 03:53:44 UTC 2012

On May 29, 2012, at 6:38 PM, Cameron Byrne wrote:

> On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 6:22 PM, Owen DeLong <owen at> wrote:
>> Likely transfers made in this way may not be recordable with the applicable RIRs and may violate the RIR policies.
>> If you care about your addresses being properly registered in whois to avoid unnecessary hassles around being able to route them, I highly recommend making sure that you are working either directly with a registered resource holder and/or through a reputable facilitator. In my experience, the RIR staff are readily available and very helpful in answering questions about transfer policies and helping you to work within the system to avoid difficulties later.
>> The RIRs that serves North America are ARIN (US, Canada, much of the Caribbean)
>> and LACNIC (Mexico, the rest of the Caribbean)
>> Others are APNIC (Asia/Australia), RIPE NCC (Europe), and AfriNIC (Africa)
> Owen,
> If i were you, i would strongly consider deploying IPv6 instead of
> dealing with this IPv4 mess.  :)

As you know, I've dual-stacked all my stuff and I'm now in the business of helping others get there.

> In all seriousness folks, it is going to get scary out there ...
> meaning, you are going to have to work with spammers over TOR to get
> addresses for your legitimate business reasons.

How legitimate can they be if you're doing that?

> In related news, Facebook jumped on the gun on world IPv6 launch

This is a good thing!

> Come on in, the water is fine  (can't say the same about IPv4 and
> their shady resell markets).

True that!


> CB
>> On May 29, 2012, at 5:43 PM, The SpaceMarket wrote:
>>> IPv4 is not going away as quickly as many would like.  Most realistic
>>> observations show IPv4 will still be the numbering scheme most widely
>>> deployed and utilized for the next decade.  This due mainly to peers
>>> and providers whom have not deployed IPv6 and ISP end-users, which
>>> continue to use, antiquated operating systems.
>>> SpaceMarket provides a platform for entities to acquire additional
>>> resources that find themselves deficient, and a platform for those with
>>> excess/unused resources to monetize their valuable resources.
>>> Our platform is safe, secure and confidential.
>>> Buyers and sellers can rest assured that their trades will be executed
>>> without a hitch (no hijacked network ranges or scammers) as each
>>> network allocation available has been thoroughly investigated and
>>> tested (we’re either announcing or have announced the networks
>>> available for an extended period of time), and upon request by either
>>> the buyer or seller, SpaceMarket will serve as an escrow agent for the
>>> transaction.
>>> Currently (as of this writing), there we have just over
>>> 150,000 addresses available for immediate use. This may seem like a low
>>> number, but allocations are listed and acquired daily using our
>>> automated system—we don’t have to be involved in your transaction. In
>>> order to provide our services without hassle and confidentially, we
>>> provide access to our trading platform via Tor (as a Tor Hidden
>>> Service).  This allows our members to connect freely and without worry
>>> as to who may be monitoring your online activities or visitors to our
>>> site.  Additionally, access to the site is restricted to active members
>>> of our trading community.
>>> For more information on our service, site URL or membership please
>>> e-mail us at spacemarket at  We look forward to assisting you
>>> with your IPv4 needs! Please use our public key (below) when
>>> corresponding via E-mail.  Don’t forget to send us yours!
>>> Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)
>>> mQINBE/FaAgBEADT4VpYwIRnUj8R7tFAAWdcHBHR9SEpebBskq400kG50UA8o3Cq
>>> Ox5tBfY0It9AOaRE6yhOu7TcPbLrJyjjkl2UqqpMF/pIRasqXTbwHKT1vkpt22Oc
>>> CtHFmXSY4KgE51lfHq7ijRt+m9B3j78Jr6uklpca8IW41eXNyje4272DLv4L1wHR
>>> X00VXPr6pULn3bgm/KfnwmmY0ucpDlLJIZ1xsRFTstNKrA5d0K96RhhqDWcaZGyf
>>> 21nskMRwRahO+VcRVE4515AZ09L1CfSoUbNOVtSHIiANYSPbq9QQHNeBas5MJkuA
>>> 2aZ/TyCEJ501AtTKL735w1ile+3DMK/sRQhEOzTp/Y4AmIDJSKRDYnhJnE9T2x/C
>>> bud54hvoT+sx7xq3Fbo18xCAeBWDO/3k2G44z2ecyAzGCP8YUGAVp5sa+X7nHvZR
>>> Z2W+DQn/XuPXPSzsbPqh6wxnhrr5/0IdU06jjLK398n+r2eM8nDJnm8BFYICrBE4
>>> UcG4Jd2KHejL+PeIB1IO4KHmmCJD3W1Ya1zi2wUjPX5PB3gf3p492+2iowu/k9kt
>>> FyTx+FoVZQDfqUGdBm7C8JvwNCXB2c92P58mV8ds0vmGPoMk7zioWMspInVFDXUB
>>> vbShwtK4eowfoT3u1PwtgRJdsKzDZ3TTIKqmGFF24OkP2c2s5DBi2W/PYwARAQAB
>>> tCVTcGFjZU1hcmtldCA8c3BhY2VtYXJrZXRAdG9ybWFpbC5vcmc+iQI3BBMBCAAh
>>> /R3uEtdnJWbTlI1uaJQ/50Xh7XtarY+qKSlK/YC059v4mJYgRx+la15pmryGyKDF
>>> 1qyPu+EI1r437EREr8uGy+LFqI2lD4oKXxvJRDJSqaiwYpAVM2t/prE9bYju5puS
>>> VZbeNEsUse9MthhoesOg+fGfsI6P5W1aAWQswKWDM/tegjW+NPXbv8yWnC7Vfe6b
>>> HUghDlUETihleohWxtoqGla6I7s8qxYMFa684mF84Xyrnj/5DIey8Z5ROwwqQv4y
>>> M2jVOPpa02S1tyLd4aNI2pP7IVsBMK9uvsN+VBKUtGlhap1RSAMQaFWoKR0L1M3o
>>> V3LkmezSKaMjlk2XhSzokJP9snV99KRMxMjlCQwEnS7dct6JLokU1cYNyHSSjDOC
>>> WN57FeBt4pnG1HA31Z2B81jz3oKzYN2lOqAvY5L657sIUWWoPfhGjkEIiFtlRGCl
>>> WvEg4xyXRUf2dsXFHsYqDsMzR3p67L2CwTNErqF5ZhwxchuNp6E1gIdYoZghcYuT
>>> myxbGF0uFTH7ymg3yzJxuE/78iqhbMGAnkwdCa2GaczmymQiWkNqVQjpZizUdN7w
>>> hTrm5vQ9OucrpHCFoLOZ3Kk29o7m586I3welE0Kz4cmDdcoqM798k3/BxKUTAHFv
>>> FNhjHfzllDy1QiLXbm9z+Uu/oIr/h/X8DNRHzFXNwqcUuQINBE/FaAgBEADBqS9r
>>> 49m5RmRUH/YTy6V2iAwdf6fTzr+hOT9FDhdKYfF9TEgT4ZZEIg1BLhCUlwfSO3Ex
>>> xCFt8Wdtnbs/z6pd5iFb+Gm11q/CPUMBq7lgiLrO9FNLg8geTlyHGgDQNm8w5At4
>>> gvi5Y7r17UlVrmd71H9ZpmB1iN8uM2pjirD5WRYAyX3KdYhzEJmorA6HKn5OSM/8
>>> XAugeEXkgMEwn4NioZJjSbunTYNXDK6CqvGNI8X2w34V5qs/+jcIJ9f08ijkB/OK
>>> 3rtaYKEVmcoHV8UFNQREbJqV44doOxtUfajyOyCB5+/B4KKOx8MrwTGB9R2ia9hY
>>> sobdNv3fPOASrlSlUpVdy6iXipwSUTaoi4EscMKnL7fh4xAphqWVbCrKVqBOR7m3
>>> Oxy9Q+9/eFWs3qQoDbq+E2HtEtvfvtckwZ8HqtxnLnBPMgj7kbN5mv5yMLGmLreb
>>> ruLlf6Ran/xwTQPtyvDoojWAf8o1PWkA0prK3iZiHUJ5KJLm5soh6nf+FPh8RxRJ
>>> cBMr0TGYieL21hU63T7iGvHYOLYANG/vUacrA3jvm3a3NbLDkwXl5JLLBOgf5iXm
>>> uZRWbgK121Kss1BTPeh//QaBeZnVj48JohPZQ7WuspWiJm6z33CrIORkqFU+VTzy
>>> AhsMAAoJEOaJI/0SIsh9TtYP/2Jq4+KbowRhnw9gJsOr26i643T7LRsFw2+XvbHP
>>> gICwTZYdRa3F8zvTb1R/45Fqt3atZd2pszRFosGx6hCjVZGSTgCbiNscpAntPiSl
>>> INFUIXj7L5XlUptFflWNP+uHdYXyAYXl7nuIDOhdfs1gFBXdeuhtmO93kDY52UIv
>>> MnFYGrFiZZFBttiffseX/XpJ1W8mnWMF9nqihWFBxvbuauOlVzYofvzYjAQQJb/3
>>> 2rNpx2z4mm68Wyn1go9zx75aOEIafEjYlZuusGcpFzchu1xwT4OEGAXXTQ4Sh6aM
>>> q4FgQcPxKo5NvU1XJyoCuye5R93tT0uxQNqCeiP+a44PYXex3ijRyS2JhRDhE3uI
>>> 605N7+BTVMbcJgo7krptDGfwUOfBRq92jMxINzWsCynJIvh+iYl1R0AecClYgjHV
>>> NNzouXMKzS4isXvB/k0LQOYOxWpIwm2xFVODGItDTzErLnPrsFgdxLyJf980HyVO
>>> yz/NXL7Xz4kzWAPLO2qboMp/caGlgZviEomffggJKqpnvRYSOl91lf0fVbRYQ4yy
>>> 4N2mUpT3iPq87lmhqJWmNhxa9XcfbW5JVHzaiGteuDinWyLQBEuOCpGdFQs8TXuG
>>> mQxm5LQ9c8+N4HAXN1jCmP7Oo2shT5TfQXTPs7hlujXz9xs0Gf4n6YEa6yofGiHM
>>> OkSi
>>> =HUbF

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