Need (to acquire or sell) IPv4? Come to SpaceMarket.

Randy randy_94108 at
Wed May 30 03:00:13 UTC 2012

Nice Tuesday-Evening humor! escrow-agent..and 150k addresses..note "Currently(as of this writing)"
No doubt the next post will have 250k free.

> To: nanog at, nanog-announce at
> Date: Tuesday, May 29, 2012, 5:43 PM
> IPv4 is not going away as quickly as
> many would like.  Most realistic
> observations show IPv4 will still be the numbering scheme
> most widely
> deployed and utilized for the next decade.  This due
> mainly to peers
> and providers whom have not deployed IPv6 and ISP end-users,
> which
> continue to use, antiquated operating systems. 
> SpaceMarket provides a platform for entities to acquire
> additional
> resources that find themselves deficient, and a platform for
> those with
> excess/unused resources to monetize their valuable
> resources. 
> Our platform is safe, secure and confidential. 
> Buyers and sellers can rest assured that their trades will
> be executed
> without a hitch (no hijacked network ranges or scammers) as
> each
> network allocation available has been thoroughly
> investigated and
> tested (we’re either announcing or have announced the
> networks
> available for an extended period of time), and upon request
> by either
> the buyer or seller, SpaceMarket will serve as an escrow
> agent for the
> transaction. 
> Currently (as of this writing), there we have just over
> 150,000 addresses available for immediate use. This may seem
> like a low
> number, but allocations are listed and acquired daily using
> our
> automated system—we don’t have to be involved in your
> transaction. In
> order to provide our services without hassle and
> confidentially, we
> provide access to our trading platform via Tor (as a Tor
> Hidden
> Service).  This allows our members to connect freely
> and without worry
> as to who may be monitoring your online activities or
> visitors to our
> site.  Additionally, access to the site is restricted
> to active members
> of our trading community.  
> For more information on our service, site URL or membership
> please
> e-mail us at spacemarket at 
> We look forward to assisting you
> with your IPv4 needs! Please use our public key (below)
> when
> corresponding via E-mail.  Don’t forget to send us
> yours!

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