the report from the spambox front

Lyle Giese lyle at
Wed May 30 02:27:00 UTC 2012

On 05/29/12 21:19, Randy Bush wrote:
> as part of daily maint, where i read midnight logs from 20+ systems etc,
> i scan my spambox to make sure nothing falls through, and indeed catch
> one or two daily.  but the spam is a source of great amusement.  the
> internet is an wondrous place.
> the number of messages offering help for the serious bedbug problem has
> been dropping off recently.  so there really is hope we are winning the
> war on the bedbug front.  whew!
> fedex has so many dell xps laptops in transit to me that storing them
> looks to become a serious problem.  anyone with some space in a storage
> locker near jimbocho?
> zita would really like to take advantage of all the free lobsters, but
> there is no red lobster we know of in tokyo [0].  as tokyo has
> everything, i am sure i could find one.  but will they take an american
> coupon?
> a lot of russians are still trying to draw my attention to something
> which is obviously important.  anyone out there read russian?  i hope it
> is not something critical, like news on the bedbugs in moscow.
> we would love to take advantage of all the great clearance sales on
> fords, but the cost of garaging a car, especially a large one, in tokyo
> is a bit steep.
> randy, who has to run out to the accountant to keep up with all the
>         fraud monitoring reports on my bank accounts and credit cards in
>         the caymans.
How do you then escape all the Canadian Pharmacy ads with a business 
license in New Zealand sent via compromised free email accounts?

Lyle Giese
LCR Computer Services, Inc.

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