Comcast Service for Non-Cap Bandwidth

Nabil Sharma nabilsharma at
Wed May 30 00:34:06 UTC 2012

Mr. Jason:
Thank u for the reply, very informative URL. Understood on the cap, but how long it will remain not enforced is a good guess!
What I am trying to is have Comcast mark our IP ranges with QoS, so downloads or congestion inside the household will not degrade performance.
You can see at that this is the configuration for Microsoft Xbox. Do you know what this service is called and who at Comcast can help me with the commercials?

From: Jason_Livingood at
To: nabilsharma at; nanog at
Subject: Re: Comcast Service for Non-Cap Bandwidth
Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 14:25:10 +0000

Mail formatting issue with my mail client again… Note that the 1st paragraph was quoted from Nabil...

>I generate http test stream with DSCP code point 5 to match the Xbox service, 
> however Comcast is rewriting the packets as CS 1, even when serving out a 
> server at Soft Layer (paid peer).  This is why I ask for name of service Microsoft
> is using, it is not the regular paid peering.

[JL] Yeah, that won't work but that marking is just for byte counting (which per my other not does not really have any effect now anyway since the 250GB policy was suspended. See also

For peering & interconnect, see:



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