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paul vixie vixie at
Mon May 28 13:43:24 UTC 2012

On 5/28/2012 11:52 AM, Randy Bush wrote:
> ... maybe a bit too much layer ten for my taste. ...

on that, we're trying to improve. for example, we used to forego
features that some of us found repugnant, such as nxdomain remapping /
ad insertion. since the result was that our software was less relevant
but that there was no reduction in nxdomain remapping as a result of
BIND not providing it. so we dropped some of the layer ten stuff and
moved more in the direction of providing features the community of
interest found relevant. some say we sold out. maybe that's what manning
is on about, i can't tell. the software is free, and isc cherishes our

if you catch us doing wierd layer ten stuff that bugs you, give a shout.
maybe we don't really mean it.

> ... and i run and appreciate the software.

that's why we're here.


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