ISPs and full packet inspection

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> Aside from all of the business and legal sticking points that others have
> mentioned, there are also the technical aspects of capturing, storing,
> transporting, analyzing, and managing those packets, and the appliances
> that do the heavy lifting. As your traffic grows, that problem scales
> 1:1 linearly, at best, and more likely n:1 linearly, or worse. The
> added overhead of the infrastructure needed to support this will also make
> it more difficult to be price-competitive with your peers.

TL:DR; The reasons for doing this on any kind of general basis have to
be *EXCEPTIONALLY* compelling to make a business case for it, apart from 
any possible legal ramifications.

I used asterisks *and* capital letters; that's about an order of magnitude.

Don't forget staffing.

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