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Dan White dwhite at
Fri May 18 14:48:37 UTC 2012

On 05/18/12 10:37 +0800, Thames wrote:
>I would like to get some input for the following problem we face with
>YouTube video streaming.
>We are an ISP in Singapore and peer with Google at Equinix and SOX
>(Singapore Open Exchange), For about 2 weeks we have been facing choppy
>streaming or continuous buffering on various YouTube videos. These problem
>videos are streamed at HD or original quality.  Our troubleshooting narrow
>down to those bad videos being streamed to us from outside Singapore. We
>contacted Google support, they are confused too, as why we are served from
>a cache server in Poland on one of the videos. The case has been escalated
>within Google, unfortunately no update from them since.
>Not all YouTube videos are bad through us, some 45 minutes videos can
>fully buffered within seconds on HD or original quality, of course the IP
>we streamed for these videos are through our local peering with Google.


We went through something similar here about a year ago. It took around two
weeks for Google engineers to resolve the trouble, however, the problem has
popped up once or twice since then.

Here is a post from the nanog archives that describes a workaround, where
you relay youtube dns queries to another DNS resolver in your area that
does not experience the problem:

Dan White

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