Commerical Backup Solutions

Scott Berkman scott at
Fri May 18 14:33:24 UTC 2012

Add Seagate's Evault to your list:

Has the support for BMR, Windows (including agents for Exchange and MSSQL),
Linux, encryption, vault replication, VADP, etc.

They also have a partner program for service providers (my employer happens
to be one).

I've personally used the product across multiple companies all the way back
to before Seagate bought them out, and I view it as one of the most mature
offerings on the market, and support has always been great.

Good luck!


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Hey folks.


I'm hoping for some input from operational folks on backup solutions for
servers.  We are looking for a commercial backup solution with a nice
reporting dashboard etc.


It must support full/incremental backups on Windows and various flavors of
Linux.  We would also be looking for bare metal image/recovery abilities.


To date, we've been fond of Acronis until we got the quote for it ..
Initially we would be looking at 50-80 servers and growing it up from there
to probably 150-200 boxes.  Some of these servers are geographically


At the moment we have been using Bacula but it lacks bare metal options and
doesn't have any nice reporting options (Executive Dashboard etc)


Thanks for any input,






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