Cogent for ISP bandwidth

Jeroen van Aart jeroen at
Wed May 16 21:55:43 UTC 2012

Ameen Pishdadi wrote:
> A Kia and Ferrari can both get me from point a to point b, but the Ferrari is capable of getting me there way quicker, and yes I'm going to pay a premium for it but if I'm going from NYC to San Fran I'd definitely feel safer in the Ferrari reliability wise and get there a hell of a lot quicker... 

That's a really flawed comparison, as often is the case when using car 
analogies (amongst others).

A kia is much safer to drive, more economical and it is much more 
reliable than a ferrari. The ferrari may get you there quicker, if you 
didn't kill yourself along the way, or you got pulled over or if the car 
didn't break down (or all of the above).

So for a better price you have more reliability, more safety and better 
fuel economy. The ferrari is just for added show off, of some imaginary 
potential you will never reach.

If you insist on lame analogies, then you can compare a ferrari with a 
network provider who over commits its bandwidth and is continually over 
utilised. There is a promise of great speed, but you won't ever get it 
unless you try at 3 AM at night when traffic is lowest.

Have fun :-)

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