Cogent for ISP bandwidth

Scott Berkman scott at
Tue May 15 16:17:22 UTC 2012

+1 here.  Some would say if you are of a certain size, you almost NEED to
have a Cogent connection amongst others for when they have their spats.

If you are missing the history here, check out this link:


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Cogent is really better suited as a tertiary provider.

Not a bad option, but you don't want to lose redundancy when they get
involved in their peering dispute or de-peering du jour.

Drive Slow,
Paul Wall

On 5/14/12, Michael J McCafferty <mike at> wrote:
> Jason,
> I agree with John. You can't use them as your only provider, but you 
> wouldn't do that with *any* provider. I will add that they answer the 
> phone quickly, and the person who answers usually has a clue, has 
> access to the routers, and can be helpful. It's one of the benefits 
> that they really only sell one product. Honestly, I think their 
> support is better than most and the deliver what they say or better.
> In the past the had a A peer / B peer setup that was a little funky, 
> but I think they are getting rid of that as they upgrade hardware 
> throughout their network.
> We do also use Level3 (and others). As long as they come in to your 
> facility on different fiber or otherwise meet you physical diversity 
> requirements, you should be pretty happy. Add low commits to other 
> providers for more diversity as needed.
> Good luck,
> Mike
> On Mon, 2012-05-14 at 15:12 -0700, John T. Yocum wrote:
>> In my experience Cogent is fine when used in a BGP mix. When we used 
>> them, our service was quite reliable. Routing was funky at times, but 
>> we never had packet loss.
>> --John
>> On 5/14/2012 3:03 PM, Jason Baugher wrote:
>> > The emails on the Outages list reminded me to ask this question...
>> >
>> > I've done some searching and haven't been able to find much in the 
>> > last
>> > 3 years as to their reliability and suitability as an upstream 
>> > provider.
>> > For a regional ISP looking for GigE ports in the Chicago/St. Louis 
>> > area, is Cogent a reasonable solution? Our gut feeling is that they 
>> > don't stack up against a Level3 or Sprint, but they are being very 
>> > aggressive with pricing to try and get our business.
>> >
>> > Thanks,
>> > Jason
>> >
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