Juniper advertises ::/0 Cisco hears ::/3

Sander Steffann sander at
Sat May 12 13:16:28 UTC 2012


> This one is very strange...
> Has anyone seen this behavior with BGP IPv6 between Juniper (owned by Level
> 3, advertising routes correctly, sending default ::/0) and Cisco (6509
> running 12.2.58.SXI6 advipservices, receiving all routes fine except
> default, hearing ::/3)?  I worked with Level 3 and they confirmed they are
> sending ::/0 as default:

I have seen this exact problem between two Cisco routers (c7600 sending default route, c7200 receiving ::/3), so I am not sure it's related to the Juniper box... It happened after I changed the BGP timers on the 7200, and it disappeared after removing the timer settings *and rebooting the 7200*.

- Sander

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