eircom.net contact

Christopher Singhaus csinghaus at hopone.net
Thu May 10 17:52:23 UTC 2012

Not sure if this is the right list to send this out to, but I figured
I'd give it a try. I'm looking for anyone with a contact at Eircom.net.
Customers on their network are continually trying to brute force RDP
machines on our network. Fail2ban does automatically null route them and
send them an email, however all I get is a rfc-ignorant auto reply
stating to fill out a form on their website. In fact, they have been
listed as rfc ignorant since 2006.


I've also sent emails to noc at eircom.net but received no reply whatsoever.

Just looking for a human to talk to at this point or any other advice.

Christopher Singhaus,
Systems Administrator / Abuse Dept
HopOne Internet Corp. - AS 14361 - www.hopone.net

"Yesterday's weirdness is tomorrow's reason why." -Hunter S Thompson

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