L3VPN MPLS - Internal BGP between CE - PE

Javor Kliachev jkliachev at neterra.net
Tue May 8 06:55:47 UTC 2012

Dear Members,

We are ISP which use the same autonomous system to hold External BGP 
and for implementing L3VPN MPLS ( as internal BGP )

We have a internal office router that receives a "default route" via IBGP
from our border router.

I'll try to briefly explain the problem:

This internal router named (CE) keeps IBGP session with PE router in VRF 

CE ( GlobalTable ) - PE ( vrf "DEF" )

The aim is "default route" IBGP received from the the ISP provider to be 
redistributed to PE in all vrf "DEF"

After establishing the session we observe that actualy that "default 
route" is propagating successful
in whole vrf "DEF" but MPLS does not set label of this route and the 
traffic is blackholed.

When using another protocol as OSPF and EIGRP everything is OK.

We opened case in Cisco TAC and they explaned that IOS official is not 
support IBGP between PE and CE. Only EBGP.

I would like to know if any of you had similar problem and if there is 
any workaround in Cisco platform.
I see for example Juniper has special commands for resolving this problem.

Thanks in advance!

Javor Kliachev

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