VoIP vs POTS (was Re: Operation Ghost Click)

Brandt, Ralph ralph.brandt at pateam.com
Thu May 3 18:21:13 UTC 2012

I spent a week in a PEMA conference last fall.  One of the presentations
was from two ILECS and 1 CLEC.  The answer we got was, yes we do but no
we can't.  Got it?

What I understand after grilling the 5 reps from one company and three
for the other, is they have priority of who can make a call but not in
who can get the system attention.  SO till you get the system attention,
you don't go anywhere.  The ILEC is not in cell and admitted they had
problems, were working on them, do not have them all solved, do not know
if they can solve them all - they had some credibility.  I looked at the
other two as snake oil salesmen....

I was the only one who asked any questions.  

Ralph Brandt
York PA 17055

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** Perhaps cell towers can be made to fail sooner, and enter some
** emergency mode where only 911 calls get service.
** --

Don't cell companies already provide over-ride codes to various
federal agencies to obtain emergency priority access to cell service?

(**** added just to piss off Valdis)

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