Peering in Brazil

James Bensley jwbensley at
Thu May 3 09:28:33 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I have posted this to the LacNOG list but it seems pretty quite and it
involves North America also, so I hope no one minds me reposting here

I am looking for any guidance and advice people have regarding first
time peerings in South America. Currently I am doing some work with a
content provider in North America and I want to get them better
routers into South America, to South American ISPs. I am looking to
get them an interconnect from their NA location to SA, into a PTT IX
location in Sao Paulo (they seem to be up there for top IXs in SA, or
am I mistaken?).

I'm new to the PTT IXs so does anyone have any recommendations about
any aspect here, support horror stories, reason to prefer one location
for peering over another etc? I see Level3 are in the PTT Sao Paulo
location, and we have access to Level 3 already. Is there someone else
I should be looking at who is especially good at private routes down
to SA, enough to digress from Level 3, or are Level 3 a good choice
here? Again, any past experiences are welcome, and recommendations for
a different IX or provider any why.

Many thanks,

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