Cellphones and Audio (was Ghost Click, though I got no idea why)

Adam Atkinson ghira at mistral.co.uk
Thu May 3 04:35:13 UTC 2012

Jay Ashworth wrote:

> Now, those codecs *are* specially tuned for spoken word -- if you try
> to stuff music down them, it's not gonna work very well at all...

It was claimed to me many years ago that the 4kHz cutoff used in POTS 
serves women and children less well than it does adult males. I have
never been aware that I have any greater problems understanding women or 
children on the phone than I do men, but my hearing is not great. I 
can't hear the difference between G.711 and G.729, for example, but some 
people can.

Googling "PCM adult male voice", "4kHz adult male" and similar isn't 
finding me anything. Was I told nonsense?

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