CDNs should pay eyeball networks, too.

Leigh Porter leigh.porter at
Wed May 2 04:32:45 CDT 2012

> I (in the UK) had the same letter from LLNW yesterday, word for word.

Me too.

> However I must say that the wording of their letter is appalling

> I am glad they are spending ton of money to upgrade their
> infrastructure.. but so am I.

Slightly odd though that they are upgrading their network and then de-peering everybody who takes < 1Gb/s from them.
I don't quite understand why a content DELIVERY network would want to do this.

I'm not sure who's content they deliver but this does not seem like a particularly great way to go about delivering it. 

There was a network who commented earlier in the thread that they do 600Mb/s with them, that's not an insignificant level of traffic really, especially coming from a single CDN. I wonder if this not some slightly mis-informed exec at LLNW who thought they found a great way to extract more money to deliver content that they have already been paid to deliver.


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