French Regulator to ask all your information about your Peering

Raphael MAUNIER rmaunier at
Fri Mar 30 18:21:48 UTC 2012

Hello All,

This is now the end. The French regulator ( Arcep ) is now asking all the
people with an ASN in France ( with a L33 license ) to get all their
information on their peering.

The Arcep claim it's for the "net neutrality" and still don't understand
it works because it's self regulated.

So, some of US network with a L33 License will also have to respond (
obligation because you have the L33-1)

The documents can be downloaded here[uid]=1508&tx_gs
actualite_pi1[backID]=1&cHash=ed82d44a55 : ( french for now, english
courtesy version will come soon )

The document is asking for informations like : BW, Prices, contract or
not, level of use, date of the contract S

You have to give them information twice a year

We ( @Neo Telecoms ) and other folks in France will probably setup
something with other carriers ( I already had some discussion with some of
you ) to talk to them on a single voice.

Raphaël Maunier
CTO / Directeur Ingénierie

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