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Brielle Bruns bruns at
Thu Mar 29 20:42:11 CDT 2012

On 3/29/12 7:32 PM, Brian R. Watters wrote:
> Your correct with your understanding of our setup, I also note on our
> NPE-G1 that the onboard GIGE interface will auto-negotiation and I do
> see the flow control is not supported via the other side (Comcast)
> but as soon as I refresh and view the GIG# interface again I note
> that flow control is turned back on and "no negotiation auto" is back
> on the interface cfg ?, this is certainly part of the issue .. is
> their a way to disable flow control on the onboard GIGE ?  .. as
> stated Comcast does not want flow control on.
> Yes there are other ports on this router that perform without issue
> and as designed both other GIGE interfaces that are VLAN'ed and
> Serial interfaces that are both DS3 and a PA-4T bonded to 6MEG's.

How do you have the PA modules installed?  Layout can make a huge 
difference on those given the bandwidth points system.

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