Comcast Ethernet Feed

Brian R. Watters brwatters at
Thu Mar 29 19:36:43 CDT 2012

We are about to accept a 20MEG Ethernet feed via Comcast and their fiber plant as well as a BGP feed across the same link.

I have a space GIGE interface on a 7206VXR and would like to know best practice for deploying for optimal performance across this interface.

Any ideas and or direction would be extremely helpful as we are seeing some real issues such as.

Direct connect (without BGP) to the CPE from Comcast (Fiber to Ethernet) via a laptop gives the level of performance we would expect, However as soon as we terminate to our router via the GIGE which is set to 100MB full duplex and all flow control turned off (Negotiation auto) per Comcast and connect up via a 100MB fast Ethernet interface directly connected we get a fraction of the speed when direct connected.



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