Force10 E Series at the edge?

Brandon Bianchi bbianchi at
Thu Mar 29 01:28:12 CDT 2012


While the E300 can probably get your job done for more flexibility and growth I would personally steer you towards the E600 (or E600i now). It is slightly outside of your RU requirement coming in at 16 RU but it fits the bill otherwise.

The main reasons I make this suggestion is due to the fact that the E600i chassis gives you numerous options. The "standard" LC memory config is 10M, however you can buy cards with an increased 40M cam as well. Also Force10 has redundant route processors but takes it a little farther. The RPM which is redundant and supports hitless failover has three CPU's.

CP - Control Processor
RP1 - Handles the majority of the Layer 3 protocols
RP2 - Handles the majority of the Layer 2 protocols including sflow.

I could have that swapped in my head but its one way or the other. On the linecards you can change your memory allocation provisioning as well if need be, granted its more useful when you have the 40M CAM cards.

The E600i can also be configured two ways.. 1 as a TeraScale supporting 4x10G XFP linerate and 16x10G XFP OverSub as well as 1G, or an ExaScale supporting 10x10G linerate and 40x10G OverSub. As well as numerous 1G options as well, take a look at this chart:

1+1 redundant RPMs
4:1 redundant SFMs
1+1 redundant DC PEMs
2+2 redundant AC PSMs - 200/240 VAC
3+1 redundant AC PSMs - 100/120 VAC and 200/240 VAC

FTOS is quite polished these days as well, and command accounting does work. Its just not captured in the switch log, but does record just fine on the TACACS side:

2012-03-28 23:12:29 -0700 bbianchi vty0 stop task_id=410 timezone=UTC service=shell priv-lvl=15 cmd=show interfaces description  <cr>

Id be happy to answer any specific questions you may have off list as well.


I have been supporting a large Force10 install base for a few years now and can attest to
On Mar 27, 2012, at 2:21 PM, Roberts, Brent wrote:

Is anyone running an E300 Series Chassis at the internet edge with multiple Full BGP feeds? 95th percent would be about 300 meg of traffic. BGP session count would be between 2 and 4 Peers.
6k internal Prefix count as it stands right now. Alternative are welcome. Thought about the ASR1006 but I need some local switching as well.

Full requirements include
Full internet Peering over GigE Links.
Fully Redundant Power
Redundant "Supervisor/Route Processor"
Would prefer a Small Chassis unit. (under 10u)
Would also prefer a single unit as opposed to a two smaller units.


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