Force10 E Series at the edge?

Tom Daly tom at
Tue Mar 27 22:59:11 CDT 2012

Your options include, for smaller boxes:

- Brocade CER series, but make sure you the -RT versions due to RAM (haven't tried, though)
- Juniper MX (MX80 is working well for us)
- Cisco ASR1006 (heard a lot about BGP price issues)

But for 300mb/sec, what not OpenBSD + Quagga?


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> I was very happy with the E300 as a data center core switch handling
> multiple full feeds (around 15) with about 10x the traffic you are
> talking about.  The only problem I had was that Force10 didn't have
> a useful (basically forklift) upgrade to get more IPv4 prefixes, and
> the more I talked to them and the more I showed them the graphs
> demonstrating what we'd need for prefix space assuming even the most
> conservative assumptions at depletion, the more I realized they
> really Did Not Get It.  In fact, their brand new architecture
> recently announced had only 500k prefixes allowed, at a time that
> the Juniper MX platform handled 2million easily.
> So I would be fine using Force10 again, given the following changes:
> 	1. Large limits on IP prefixes allowed
> 	2. Reallocation of useless memory from stupid things like MAC tables
> 	to prefixes (data centers have very few MACs, very many prefixes)
> 	3. Command line logging
> The units worked great at failover, never had any problems gracefully
> failing over from one RP to another, but if you have to cold boot
> them for any reason it takes like 5 minutes :(
> On Mar 27, 2012, at 2:21 PM, Roberts, Brent wrote:
> > Is anyone running an E300 Series Chassis at the internet edge with
> > multiple Full BGP feeds? 95th percent would be about 300 meg of
> > traffic. BGP session count would be between 2 and 4 Peers.
> > 6k internal Prefix count as it stands right now. Alternative are
> > welcome. Thought about the ASR1006 but I need some local switching
> > as well.
> > 
> > Full requirements include
> > Full internet Peering over GigE Links.
> > Fully Redundant Power
> > Redundant "Supervisor/Route Processor"
> > Would prefer a Small Chassis unit. (under 10u)
> > Would also prefer a single unit as opposed to a two smaller units.
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