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Jared Mauch jared at
Tue Mar 27 11:47:10 CDT 2012

On Mar 27, 2012, at 10:02 AM, Miles Fidelman wrote:

>> 2015 - First communities coming online, 100M to the home (probably Gigabit
>> line rate, but throttled).

In most cases I've seen, the 100m fiber hardware is more expensive than the 1G, or the same price.

The challenge here is getting the fiber there.  One can use an inexpensive media converter that takes a SFP for $20-25 (RJ45 <-> SFP).  Two and bi-di optics run around $220 (10km).  Further distance (20/40/80km optics) increase the cost some, but not significantly.

Some CPE hardware can be had for as low as sub-$200 (indoor unit).  You may spend more for the pedestal than the hardware on the end.

I would like to see part of any road reconstruction projects the requirement to install conduit or other fiber optic cabling.  This would cause most areas to organically receive this upgrade along the way.  I'm not actually opposed to the current incumbent having access to it or realizing the lower cost in conjunction with another project.  What I do take issue with is winter time construction of cabling that is not fiber, even if part of service restoration.  Extending the reach at that time can only provide value long-term.  I'm not seeing the incumbents making those decisions.

- Jared

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