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> Ignoring the fact that we haven't reached our limits with fiber yet
> ...

Not close, and we're at 100G already.

> The next major speed boost for broadband will be over fiber. And because
> the bottleneck at that point becomes equipment, we'll continue to see a
> healthy round of upgrades in speed over the same fiber plant.

And, much more to the point, ONTs will go over the edge of the Consumer
Pricing S-curve.  Bet *cash* on this.

But another more interesting point being missed here is this:  Assuming 
pointopoint fiber, *you can provision different classes of service
appropriately*.  If some client wants to pay for 40G fiber?  Cool. 
You can do that.  That in itself seems to positively skew the potential
for muni layer 1 installs, to me.  And it doesn't *preclude* the muni
operating a standardized layer 2 for those carriers who don't want to 
do that part themselves; economy of scale will actually be productive
there, I suspect.

Anyone want to start Level 1 Communications?

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