Muni Fiber (was: Re: last mile, regulatory incentives, etc)

Jacob Broussard shadowedstrangerlists at
Mon Mar 26 19:04:18 CDT 2012

Who knows what technology will be like in 5-10 years?  That's the whole
point of what he was trying to say.  Maybe wireless carriers will use
visible wavelength lasers to recievers on top of customer's houses for all
we know.  10 years is a LONG time for tech, and anything can happen.
On Mar 25, 2012 1:01 PM, <Valdis.Kletnieks at> wrote:

> On Sun, 25 Mar 2012 12:37:24 -0700, JC Dill said:
> > *feasible* lifetime of 20-50 years?  Maybe in 5-10 years all consumer
> > data will be transferred via wireless
> And that would be using what spectrum and what technology?  Consider what
> the
> release of one Apple product did to the associated carrier's wireless net.
> Then consider the current tendency for "unlimited wireless data" to mean
> 2-3G
> per month.
> Where's the economic incentive for all these carriers to build out enough
> capacity to move "all consumer data" (or a large fraction anyhow), and
> lower
> their prices to match?
> Sure, it may happen *eventually*, but for it to happen in 5-10 years, it
> would
> have to be in motion *now*.  So who's already in motion?

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