Verizon, FiOS, and CLEC/UNE orders (was AT&T diversity)

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Sat Mar 24 13:47:40 CDT 2012

Right, but a better approach would have been for the FCC to say "If you don't
build fiber, you won't keep getting USF money."

The FCC failed to look at the public interest and got rolled by the RBOCs again.


On Mar 24, 2012, at 11:41 AM, Frank Bulk wrote:

> Around the 2004 timeframe the RBOCs were having a discussion with the FCC,
> basically saying that if the FCC did not apply unbundling to their fiber
> builds they would build fiber, and that if the FCC did apply unbundling
> rules they would not.  The FCC wanted fiber deployed, so they withheld
> applying unbundling rules.
> Frank
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>> VZ wants to get rid of their copper plant. It's expensive to maintain, and
> As opposed to fiber plant which is indestructible and cheap to maintain?
> Well, if VZ owns the copper, if it's not being used to provide a
> service, and the price of
> copper keeps going up,  it's only a matter of time before VZ should
> want to take their bits of unused cable back.   How useful is leaving
> a dormant loop in place just because someone might theoretically want
> it someday?
> Seems like a waste for VZ not to reclaim it  so it can be recycled/put
> to good use.
>> it requires that they sell service to competitors. Once they've
> disconnected
>> their customers from it, they can just eliminate the copper plant. POTS
> You sure the regulations won't eventually be updated to apply some
> rules to whatever POTS is being replaced with?     Possibly years
> before they could finish eliminating their copper plant,  which
> doesn't likely happen until the pricing allows POTS  customers  to get FiOS
> delivery installed for free as a cheaper alternative to POTS delivery.
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> -JH

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