last mile, regulatory incentives, etc

Paul Graydon paul at
Fri Mar 23 20:54:35 CDT 2012

On 03/23/2012 02:18 PM, Michael Painter wrote:
> Randy Bush wrote:
>> what a silly question.  lining the telcos' pockets.  american so called
>> 'broadband' is a joke and a scam.
>> randy
> Really.  This is from the Governor's "Hawaii Broadband Initiative" 
> speedtest website:
> "The indication of above average or below average is based on a 
> comparison of the actual test result to the current NTIA definition of 
> broadband which is 768 kbps download and 200 kbps upload. Any test 
> result above the NTIA definition is considered above average, and any 
> result below is considered below average."
To be fair to the initiative at least its goal is for universal access 
to 1Gbps by 2018, something they term 'ultra-high-speed' (not sure where 
that definition comes from):


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