Drew Linsalata drew.linsalata at
Thu Mar 22 21:29:04 CDT 2012

In fairness to the PlanetLab folks, I did get a response to my original
ticket and someone from NANOG also contacted me after my post. I do
appreciate that.

I will repeat that the traffic is not malicious, but it might be a more
friendly policy to allow network operators to automatically opt-out of that
environment if desired.  Since we have some semblance of clue it was
obvious within 30 seconds that this was an academic research network at
play, and only took another 15 seconds to figure out that it was PlanetLab,
so just let me add my subnets to a database which then prevents the "uber
cluster" from including those subnets when generating experimental traffic.
 Another option might be to clearly state which prefixes the traffic may
originate from so operators can filter accordingly. The cluster is pretty
widespread so I realize that might not be very practical.

Simply assuming that we won't mind having PlanetLab researchers using our
assets as a lab isn't terribly cool.

On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 9:07 PM, Christopher Morrow <morrowc.lists at
> wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 6:58 PM, Drew Linsalata
> <drew.linsalata at> wrote:
> > Has anyone else had to deal with this, or is anyone connected to that
> people get dos'd (or think they do, not you in this case) regularly.
> > particular project listening?  Im all for academic projects, but the
> > approach here is rubbing me the wrong way.
> normally their support arm had been helpful... in the past at least
> I'd gotten responses :(

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