Looking for advice - Auditing zones on a set of name servers

Landon Stewart lstewart at superb.net
Thu Mar 22 17:05:27 CDT 2012


> > I need it to do since sometimes we are authoritative but there are no NS
> > records or they are wrong.  I'm also not sure beating on google's name
> > servers is a good idea either so you should fill in your OWN recursive
> name
> > servers instead f and
> don't you really want to walk the tree from . down? so dig +trace |
> machine-ify
> then make sure that the criteria you care about work out properly?
> (this avoides people's old/legacy/super-long-ttl causing problems in
> the shorter term)

I've done it this way.  Another person wrote me off list and said the same
thing so I've modified things to do it this way and it looks good.

Thanks for your reply!

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