Muni Fiber (was: Re: last mile, regulatory incentives, etc)

Jeff Young young at
Thu Mar 22 16:12:43 CDT 2012

On 23/03/2012, at 4:51 AM, Jay Ashworth wrote:

> As you might imagine, I am a fairly strong proponent of muni layer 1 --
> or even layer 2, where the municipality supplies (matching) ONTs, and
> services have to fit over GigE -- fiber delivery of high-speed data
> service.
> I believe Google agrees with me.  :-)

And the country of Australia agrees with you (at least more than half of
it).  The current nature of FTTH makes it hard to do a layer 1-only service
and the NBN has opted to provide layer 2 hand-off at POI's (points of 
interconnect) around Australia.


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