Looking for advice - Auditing zones on a set of name servers

Jonathon Exley Jonathon.Exley at kordia.co.nz
Thu Mar 22 15:57:43 CDT 2012

You could try ValiDNS (http://www.validns.net) which I am told does this sort of thing.


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> Subject: Looking for advice - Auditing zones on a set of name servers
> Hi Everyone,
> I'm looking for some advice here.  I'm attempting to clean up a set of name
> servers and have a list of domain names that should not actually be hosted
> on those name servers.  In some cases there are issues where there are
> actually no NS records in a domain but it should be hosted on those name
> servers.  In some cases the name servers just aren't authoritative and the
> domain should be removed.  The name servers are all djbdns, not that it
> matters a whole lot.
> I'm wondering if anyone knows of some tools that I can use other than
> homegrown ones that are a little more robust in terms of thinking of every
> little possible issue for or against a domain than I can think of.  Of a list of
> domains that I marked for deletion some of them simply had little problems
> but should not be deleted (rather just have their NS records fixed).  I also
> don't' want to pound on someone else's recursive name servers or even the
> root name servers trying to audit ours since that's not very nice.  If anything I
> guess I could spread out the queries if I had the right tools.
> I wrote a quick script that looks up the NS records for a zone, then the A
> records for those NS records and checks the resulting IP addresses against a
> list of IP addresses that are our name servers.  It's not quite doing all I need it
> to do since sometimes we are authoritative but there are no NS records or
> they are wrong.  I'm also not sure beating on google's name servers is a good
> idea either so you should fill in your OWN recursive name servers instead f
> and
> Thanks for reading!  :-D

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