Looking for some diversity in Alabama that does not involve ATT Fiber

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Verizon, the copper wireline company, is removing service from locations EVERY TIME VZ fiber is installed in a building.  This prevents other companies from providing service by leasing Verizon's copper infrastructure.  If there was copper at a location then VZ would be required to resell it and nobody would be locked out.
We often get customers in buildings lit by Verizon fiber service who want to change carriers.  Too bad they can't anymore.  Technically they can switch providers.  Verizon will remove the fiber, re-install copper, and have the customer down for a week or so.

If Verizon was not a wireline monopoly I might not have such an issue with this practice.

Full Disclosure: I work for a CLEC.

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> I don't know about AT&T, but Verizon physically removes the copper 
> connections when they install fiber into a building. Oddly, this is 
> legal. Verizon is required to open up their copper to CLECs, but not 
> fiber.

The Verizon *regulated ILEC operating company* is required to provide equal access.  FiOS comes from an unregulated subsidiary.

Whether there might be some illegal collusion in the unreg subsid generating a pull order for a copper service from the regulated LEC is one thing...

but why would it otherwise be illegal for the LEC to pull the copper?

It *is* their copper...

That's an interesting perception, and I'm curious where you came by it.

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