ifHighSpeed for 10 Gb/s port-channels

Felipe Zanchet Grazziotin felipe at starbyte.net
Tue Mar 20 14:51:28 CDT 2012


can anyone confirm why IF-MIB::ifHighSpeed should return 0 for aggregates
of 10 Gbit/s ports?

My google-foo led me to several topics on "use ifHighSpeed to 10 Gbit/s",
but none is clear on 10 Gbit/s aggregated.

So far I could only find references pointing to IEEE Std 802.1AX-2008
clause (aAggDataRate),
mapping to IF-MIB::ifSpeed, which is locked in 4,294,967,295 (Gauge32). In
this same standard it is very specific
about ifHighSpeed: "Set to zero.".

Or, more directly: how can one find current speed of a 10Gb/s+ link
aggregate port?

Please, answer me off-list and I promise to summarize an answer... :)

Thanks in advance.

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