shared address space... a reality!

Owen DeLong owen at
Fri Mar 16 14:47:45 CDT 2012

In my perception, this is primarily a moving part that will be used by providers deploying IPv6 as a mechanism to compensate for things on the internet their customers want to reach that have not yet deployed IPv6.

If deploying IPv6 on your own network qualified as a complete solution to the problem, I suspect we'd actually be much further along in the process. Unfortunately, deploying IPv6 locally does not change the fact that you use the internet to talk to things not under your control and until they deploy IPv6, you cannot depend entirely on IPv6 to do that.

I don't think any sane provider will use this as yet another way to avoid deploying IPv4. OTOH, the number of not sane providers is somewhat scary, but, hopefully not of sufficient critical mass as to be meaningful in the long term.


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