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In a message written on Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 11:07:54AM -0400, Robert E. Seastrom wrote:
> Grass-roots, bottom-up policy process
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> Need for multihoming
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> Got tired of waiting
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> IPv6 PI

I'll also add that Shim6 folks never made a good economic argument.
It's true that having routes in the DFZ costs money, and that
reducing the number of routes will save the industry money in router
upgrades and such to handle more routes.  However, it's also true
that deploying SHIM6 (or similar solutions) also has a cost in
rewritten software, traning for network engineers and administrators,
and so on.

It was never clear to me that even if it worked 100% as advertised that
it would be cheaper / better in the global sense.

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